Product Features

xBlog is available both as an online service and as an installable server product. Although these products are virtually identical, the configuration of the system and its integration with your other systems can vary.

Online Edition Features

  • Unlimited blogging. xBlog has no length limit on the number of size of blog entries, or on the number of blogs you can create.
  • Blog categorization. Each topical thread is handled as a separate blog, so that you can keep information topically discrete -- for example, you could maintain a separate blog for each project you are managing. To manage a large number of blogs, xBlog allows you to organize your blogs in a category hierarchy of your design.
  • Multiple-author support. You can share authorship of a blog with several other authors.
  • Worldwide access. Go anywhere. If you can find an Internet connection, you can manage your blog using a standard web browser.
  • Full-text searching. Users can search the complete archives, across all of your blogs, and quickly locate important information.
  • Automatic nightly backup. We backup our datacenter systems nightly to ensure smooth operation and protection of your important data.
  • Formatted website integration. Integrate your blogs directly into your own website, using standard HTML frames. You can control the appearance of your blog by linking it to a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) file on your own website, or by using one of our template styles.
  • Blog commenting. Readers can comment on your blogs, and you will receive an email from xBlog with the comment text. If you choose, you can approve the comment for publication, so that all blog readers can view it.
  • Full rich-text support. Use the fonts, colors and styles you need to communicate. Links and images are fully supported, and links open in a new window to ensure that readers don't lose their place while reading.
  • Expanded entry support. Blog entries can be short-and-sweet, or long-and-detailed. Extra-long entries can be broken into an Introduction and a Body -- which allows you to keep your entry list manageable while keeping entry-length unlimited.
  • Delayed publishing capability. In certain cases, an author needs to spend extra time in writing an entry. xBlog supports this, and allows you to hide entries until you decide they are ready.
  • File Attachments (coming soon!). Users can store and share attachments with their entries. For example, a project manager can post the powerpoint presentation of a meeting that just occurred.
  • Image Attachments (coming soon!). Images can be attached to blog entries, with a thumbnail automatically appearing in the entry itself. Clicking on the thumbnail would open the image in full size.
  • Email Notifications (coming soon!). Allow readers to subscribe to your blogs, and automatically receive new blog entries by email.

Server Edition Features

xBlog Server Edition offers all of the features of the Online Edition, with these advantages;

  • Centralized storage and backup. Take advantage of your company's own backup systems to ensure complete data security. Unlike installed blogging software, xBlog stores all information in a central database, guaranteeing that you can protect 100% of your captured knowledge at all times.
  • Customizable Security. Running xBlog on your own network gives you maximum security options. You can choose to make your blogs available to all employees (no login required), or you can use the product as part of your password-protected Extranet or Internet sites to communicate with customers, vendors, and the general public.