Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Knowledge Management?

Successful businesses depend more than ever on the intellectual capital that employees create. These are the idea, inventions, techniques, policies, and realizations that your company continually invests in and owns.

Capturing this capital, tracking it, storing it, and distributing it through the company, is what Knowledge Management is about.

What is "blogging"?

Weblogging, or "blogging" as it is popularly known, is the process of writing and publishing a chronologically-sequenced journal on the web.

Blogging was originally intended to help webmasters track and communicate a history of changes to their website -- but the practice soon expanded to tracking and discussing changes on other websites.

Today, blogging tools and techniques are used purely to share information as it happens... whether it involves sharing random thoughts, tracking specific events, or communicating real-time knowledge.

Blogging has become particularly valuable as a communication tool within large, complex, geographically distributed organizations such as companies, governments, and families.

What is OmniBlogger™ Pro?

OmniBlogger™ Pro is a journal-based knowledge management solution, that is specifically designed to capture and manage your company's most essential asset... knowledge.

What makes OmniBlogger™ Pro unique?

Unlike other solutions, OmniBlogger™ Pro is designed specifically, from the ground-up, for businesses. It focuses on the stringent publishing, organizational, and security needs of commercial users.

Specifically, OmniBlogger™ Pro offers...

  • Rapid searching. No publishing technology is useful unless users can find information fast. OmniBlogger™ Pro uses a high-performance relational database as the platform core, to ensure maximum speed in lookups. Users can search the full text of all of your company's blogs instantly, including titles, introductions, and articles.
  • Enhanced security. Security is a central focus in the ongoing development of OmniBlogger™ Pro.
  • Publish-from anywhere. All blog management functions can be performed using a standard web browser and any Internet connection. This means that your employees can share timely information from trade show floors, conference rooms, training seminars, competitor demonstrations, hotel rooms, even airplanes.

Can't email do the job?

Email is a very useful communication tool, when used properly. Unfortunately, it seldom is -- and, even with the most educated users, the capabilities of email cannot compare to the capabilities of OmniBlogger™ Pro.

See our comparison of email and blogging technologies.

What about security? Can my competitors see my ideas?

OmniBlogger™ Pro is as secure as you want it to be.

The Online Edition can be setup for public access, or can require that each user login before they are allowed to see your company's blogs.

The Server Edition runs in your corporation's own IT center, which gives you complete control over how the data is secured and who can access it. It is common for companies to configure OmniBlogger™ Pro in the same manner as their Intranet -- permitting authorized users to access content only while on the corporate LAN, WAN, or when connecting via a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Can OmniBlogger™ Pro replace my Intranet?

Quite possibly. The purpose of an Intranet is to collect and distribute important information through a company; but traditional Intranets do this very poorly. Since adding content to an Intranet requires a webmaster, every update that every knowledge worker wishes to add must pass through a publishing bottleneck.

In addition, it's not possible to "subscribe" to an Intranet, in the way that you can subscribe to a blog. Intranet lose a lot of face value because users are never aware when content has changed. Value is lost by having employees un-informed of new information, and further value is lost when employees have to regularly check up on information that hasn't changed.

See our comparison of Intranet and blogging technologies.

Isn't this what my expensive Groupware solution does?

Not quite. Groupware does aspire to collect, store, and publish knowledge, but it doesn't offer the same degree of flexibility...

OmniBlogger™ Pro requires only a standard web browser to manage and operate, which allows users to access the system from anywere. OmniBlogger™ Pro can integrate with other publishing portals such as your Intranet, Extranet, and Internet websites to ensure that the right people have the right information at all times. Most groupware solutions are also very expensive to purchase and maintain, and are very complex and difficult to extend.

When someone comments on a blog entry, who can see it?

Blog commenting is an important feature of OmniBlogger™ Pro, since it encourages the discussion and capture of the maximum amount of useful information.

Currently (v1.2), when a user comments on a blog entry, the comment is not visible to the public until the author of that entry approves the comment for publication. (The author receives an email with a link that can be clicked to authorize this).

In future versions of the product, we plan to make comment handling a per-blog setting. Authors will be able to disable commenting on a blog, approve each comment individually, or auto-approve all comments.

Is there an OmniBlogger™ product, or just OmniBlogger™ Pro?

OmniBlogger™ Pro refers to the subscription versions of the product, while OmniBlogger™ (also known as OmniBlogger™ Standard) refers to the free trial version.

In the Online Edition, is storage space limited?

For Online Edition subscribers, there is presently no limit on the number of blogs you can create, the number of entries a blog can contain, or the length of a blog entry, and we do not plan to impose any such limits in the future.

However, once attachments and image support have been added, we will need to establish account-size rules to discourage users from storing gigabytes of file attachments in the OmniBlogger™ database -- which could affect system performance for other users.

At that time, we plan to institute a (very generous) basic account size, with the option to purchase additional storage on a monthly basis. Account-size reports will be made available online to subscribers, to ensure that all users are aware of the amount of space they are using.

What are my blog styling options?

OmniBlogger™ is specifically designed to allow you to "feed" your blogs into your own separately-hosted website(s). This is most commonly done using an HTML or