xBlog Publishing Platform

Previously known as OmniBlogger.

xBlog™ is a suite of web-based tools that are designed especially for the needs of business users. Our products offer a flexibility, ease of use, and feature set that is unmatched in the blogging tool industry.

Key features include...

  • Full web-based administration, with in-browser rich-text editing.
  • Unlimited blogs per author.
  • Support for multiple authors per blog.
  • Multiple website-integration options, including the ability to retrieve a single Blog Article as a full XML document.
  • Hyperlinks open in a new window, ensuring that users aren't driven away from your publication.
  • Several styling options, including custom styling.
  • Blog commenting, with optional author approval.
  • Rapid searching, across multiple blogs.

Who can use xBlog™?

xBlog™ can be used by anyone with a standard Internet connection and web browser, from anywhere in the world.

It is especially useful for...

  • Corporations who need to keep large groups informed. This could include the CEO sharing company news with the staff, or the CFO informing the investors, or a technical project manager keeping the team and stakeholders up-to-date.
  • Professionals (consultants, accountants, doctors, lawyers) who need to keep their clients informed of important industry changes.
  • Companies who need to keep their website up-to-date with press releases.

But is also extremely well-suited for...

  • Individuals who travel, and need easy access to their blogs with nothing but a web browser.
  • Families and friends who are separated by distance, but want to keep in touch.